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Copy and Advertising Deadlines

Issue              Advertising         Copy                    Flyers              Publication Date
191                12 January            19 January          31 January 	   9 February  
192                8 March 	         15 March            27 March            5 April 
193                3 May 		         10 May               22 May              31 May 
194                5 July 		         12 July               24 July               2 August 
195                6 September          13 September     25 September     4 October 
196                8 November 	         15 November      27 November      6 December 
197                10 Jan 2025	         17 Jan 2025       29 Jan 2025        7 Feb 2025

About us

The Killin News is a free community newspaper produced and distributed FREE every two months by volunteers to households and businesses in Killin and district.
The aim of those involved is to produce an informative, accurate and entertaining journal for those who live, work and visit in this area.


Letters and articles published in the newspaper do not necessarily reflect the views of the Production Committee and they reserve the right to shorten, edit or not publish any item.
Contributions will be attributed to the author.
Vested interests will be declared where applicable.
Articles should be between 200 and 300 words, photos in high quality and the content should be original work relevant to Killin and environs.

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